San Carlos Estates Water Control District was formed in 1969.  We are a Special 298 District in the State of Florida.  The District is governed by three elected Supervisors.

The District is responsible for the quality of water flowing through the canals and swales of San Carlos Estates.  The purpose of the District is to work with our neighbors and engineer to maintain our NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit.

To apply for a driveway permit please contact Morris Depew 239-337-3993.
Driveway Permitting Handbook
Driveway Permit

All roads within San Carlos Estates are private paid for by the property owners within the District with public access. The two perimeter roads Moriah and Bonita Bill are gated and vehicle use is for maintenance of the canals only.  Bonita Bill and Moriah  also have public access for pedestrian traffic only. The same traffic rules apply within the District as in the rest of the City re: traffic, vehicles, etc.  Which means, golf carts are not legal unless they have been outfitted with the proper equipment to travel on a public road (registration, seat belts, windshield wipers, directional, etc.)  ATV's legally should only be on private property.

Public records requests:
To request any public record contact the Custodian of Records:
Phone:  (239) 495-4699