Gate Openers

Gate openers will be available to residents only (proof of residence required - license and registration, one opener per registration).  A fee of $50.00 per opener is payable in check, cashier's check or money order -

To purchase a gate opener:

Mail: Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order to;
                                  P. O. Box 367807
                                  Bonita Springs, FL 34136

 A gate opener will be mailed. 

For questions contact Julia Roberts at 239-495-4699 Monday thru Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for questions or concerns; or


The gate installed at Maddox and Cockelshell (Stillwell Parkway south of Strike Lane) was designed and built for use by residents of San Carlos Estates.  Since the roads have been paved this portion of Stillwell has had traffic that puts excess burden on this road. The Board of Supervisors voted to place a gate at Maddox and Cockelshell in order to preserve the road and reduce long term mainenance costs. 

Security Cameras have been installed at the gate. Although the  District is working with the Lee Couny Sheriff to protect our property we still need you help. Each time our property is damaged we all pay!  Please contact us if you have any information.  

Video of Gate Damage:
2016-10-30 - Gate has been repaired.  Your tax dollars at work.
2016-10-29 -
2016-09-28 This did not break the gate but weakened the pins causing the gate arm to drop.
2016-09-17 White Jeep break thru gate
2016-09-16 J&M Electric Truck trespass thru gate
2016-08-26 Woman in red shirts lifts gate arm for black car
2016-08-26  Same woman same black car
2016-09-09 White Cadillac Breaks Gate Arm  
2016-08-28 Man lifts gate arm for green compact car
2016-08-05 Jerk breaks gate on PURPOSE!
2016-07-05 12:20p Skanky bleach blond white trash in red Prius breaks gate. 
2016-06-27 A lot of class..all 3rd broad in white Nissan Pathfinder Lic 971WEL rushes gate.
2016-06-08 11:01p Skinny white trash male in compact car breaks gate.
2016-05-27 11:33p Man in Jeep Wrangler Breakes Gate
2016-05-27 Man in Jeep Wrangler Breaks Gate
216-04-17 9pm White male breaks gate (2)