Annual Landowners Meeting - 2022


                                     TAKING THE OATH FOR ELECTED SUPERVISOR

            The 2022 Annual Landowners Meeting of the San Carlos Estates Water Control District will meet on Saturday,        09/17/2022.  

             The Annual Landowners Meeting will be held at the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce office located at 25071 Chamber of Commerce Drive, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 at 10:00 AM.  The check-in process for the balloting for the Supervisor’s position will occur after the meeting has been called to order and person(s) are nominated for the Supervisor’s position. Keeping in tune with the current health crisis, please bring your own pen.  There will not be pens available for the general public at the meeting.

                        Any Person wishing to vote in the Supervisor’s election will need to attend the meeting on 09/17/2022 or furnish a completed proxy to someone attending the meeting to vote on their behalf.  Click on the link in blue ( proxy ) for a copy of the proxy. If you are unable to download the proxy, you may email a request for a copy to or call 239-495-4699 to have a blank proxy form mailed.

             The Supervisor’s position to be voted upon is that of Supervisor Ben Bogacz whose three-year term expires this year.  Any property owner whose assessments are paid can participate in the process of electing a Supervisor.  If interested in serving as a Supervisor of the District you may submit a written letter of interest or a resume to the District Secretary, Chris Lawson, via email at or by mail to SCEWCD at P.O. Box 367807, Bonita Springs, Florida 34136. Any written letter of interest or resume that is received by 09/10/2022 will be placed on the District’s website. Currently, there are no person(s) who have announced that they are interested in being nominated for the position: Board Supervisor.  If and when available, the letters of interest can be viewed at the District’s website: or call 239-495-4699 to request copies of the letters of interest to be mailed to you.

Person(s) interested in being nominated for Board Supervisor

John H. Cellucci - Introduction and qualifications